CBNData releases 2017 online beverage related consumption series

2017-07-25   source:CBNData

With "great health" as the national subject, the era of universal health affects not only the national sports enthusiasm, at the same time also makes the national has a higher request to the food and beverage, drinks is no exception, from the composition, production technique to packing have to upgrade. From "low sugar", "zero CARDS", "organic", "no preservatives" composition such as keywords, to "no trans fatty acids", "enrichment" production craft technique of proper nouns, such as beverage enterprise to cater to the "green health" effort is there for all to see.

The first financial and commercial data center (CBNData) released a series of research on online beverage related consumption in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the report). Data CBNData the report based on alibaba, through insight from April 2016 to March 2016 consumers to the preferences of different beverage category all ages characteristics and buying behavior, reduction of the national beverage consumption status quo.

CBNData the report found that look from the area of Shanghai and Beijing became the highest online beverage purchasing preference degree of two big cities, from the point of view of consumers 23 ~ 35 women to become worthy of the name "drink the gentleman," love all beings, the rank of beverage category purchases accounted; From the category of products, black tea, green tea and oolong tea market share a larger share, still a mainstream trend; In the extreme healthy fruit and vegetable juice category, mixed fruit juice is more easily popular.

People "drink" at the right time

Key words: summer Shanghai Beijing female white collar mineral water

As the saying goes, "small heat is not hot, and the heat is bad." Every July began, is the general public to accept "grace" sunshine season, until the end of September, the enthusiasm of the sun will retreat somewhat, such climate characteristics also directly affects the national online beverage consumption, according to the CBNData, according to the report in July and August or September is the peak season, online drinks even electric daqo promote November also failed to transcend national "thirst" hope in the summer. As the summer perennial heat warning of the magic of Shanghai and the capital city Beijing also became the online beverage purchase preference city one, two! And urban white-collar women have become the target of star brand in recent years. From the online crowd, the women aged 23 to 35 who have the courage to try and explore the wider range of drinks are the main consumers of online drinks.

In addition, from the purchase demand, drinks not only need to meet consumers' physiological needs, but also need to understand consumers' taste buds. The more pure drinks are upgraded in quality, the mineral water is a good performance. Each category in the beverage sales, online sales mineral water/water ratio is the highest, and on the purchase frequency also has the advantage, on the one hand, to upgrade a relish drink at the same time there is still a price advantage, on the other hand, for the pursuit of low calorie of consumers, healthy environmental protection, national drink, must belong to it!

Rain and dew are evenly balanced, but also have a preference

Key words: black tea green tea oolong tea containing milk beverage

In recent years, driven by national health consciousness, and the trend of the national consumer quality influence, beverage market innovation acceleration, but even in the case of beverage choices, consumers also have established the preference of interval. According to CBNData "report" for 2017 show online each category beverage sales is more than double the same period in 2016, among them, tea beverages, containing milk beverage and mineral water/water sales growth in the top three, respectively, among them, tea drinks, thanks to the health of the tea culture in the consumers' mind image; The popular market of "urban sub-health" is opened with health concepts such as probiotics and probiotics. And the mineral water/pure water also through packaging and quality upgrade, into the higher order market.

In addition, according to the CBNData, according to the report online drink overall guest unit price overall lower than the same period last year, by contrast, the evergreen tree of tea drinks and new health web celebrity contain milk beverage is gaining consumer preference, guest unit price rose slightly, instead on the per capita buying frequency in both also good sales performance. In the market of various online tea drinks, black tea, green tea and oolong tea have the most market share, with high recognition and loyalty among consumers.

Fruit and vegetable juice hot style is on the way

Key words: cut off pure fruit and vegetable juice mixed fruit and vegetable juice

Before a few years, cities in the royal park and the popular of "light is broken feed" style of cold pressed type hydraulic vegetable &fruit juices in the online sales performance, as consumer upgrades, pure fruit and vegetable juice not only shorter shelf life, the price is more expensive, at least 25 yuan a bottle, has won a large number of white-collar workers, the reason is that the concept of "light is broken feed" catering to the health needs of the current urban white-collar. According to CBNData the report shows that, compared to pure sales of fruit and vegetable juice and concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, found on the sales price gap is not big, both healthier pure fruit and vegetable juice sales have a certain rise, visible, pure fruit and vegetable juice is not into the popular consumption tendency, but has a certain potential demand.

At the same time, the repurchase rate of fruit and vegetable juices in each category has increased compared with the same period in 2016. Visible, in the overall market influx of new products, the beverage category target audiences are more or less are determined, the main concept of health quality of fruit and vegetable juice brand brand loyalty is relatively consolidate, it is possible that the choice of consumer is still limited, from the online distribution category is pure fruit and vegetable juice market is more mixed fruit and vegetable juice and orange juice, fruit and vegetable juice is still the quality after upgrading potential market, is worth looking forward to more natural products to be developed.