Food additives and ingredients exhibitions

2017-03-24   source:The Essen Marketing Department

On March 24, 2017, three days of the 21st session of China international exhibition of food additives and ingredients and the 27th session of the national food additives production application technology expo (FIC2017) at the national convention center (Shanghai). No matter from the organizers of the size, the number of exhibitors, the number of exhibits and activities, such as FIC is the industry recognized as Asia's big scale, high degree of internationalization, high authority of food additives and ingredients industry professional brand exhibition, at the same time, it is also a food additive and ingredients industry at home and abroad in the product research and development and innovation, market, technology and development in areas such as an integral part of international communication and procurement platform.


Alson bioscience and technology co., LTD. Is a company that serves food industry and related industries. As a pioneer in the food industry, we are based on the experience of consumers and provide our customers with complete product solutions and customized product plans. This exhibition, eielson deep in communication with customers at home and abroad, a more specific food markets, a better understanding of customer needs, more contact with the food industry and new customers, to provide the service for the future laid a more solid foundation.

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